FUI Exploration 01
— Boot_Up_XC01

I have always been a sucker for beautiful designed and animated FUI. It immerses the viewer into a whole other world and universe.
In order to explore and delve into the big universe of FUI, I challenged myself to create a piece myself. Something where I both designed the FUI, staying true to a style I set and at the same time think of its function, but also animate it and give it life accordingly.

Boot_Up_XC01 is a piece about someone hacking a mainframe or terminal, and in the end getting access to a high tech camera on the ISS.

This piece of exploration is hopefully one of many in the field of FUI.


One thing I love to do, is go into small details, create Easter eggs and build a little universe or story around these types of creations.
The cool thing about FUI is that function is key, and therefore the before mentioned things have space to come into play. UI elements have a purpose and a given logic or thought. Something which may not seem obvious to the viewers, but as the creator its nice to sit back and know that the random text the viewer is looking at, is something that has meaning.

As an example, the astronaut names have an abbreviation attached to the end of them. These abbreviations correlate to the nations of people who currently are or have been in space. (That was an easy one, try to find more yourself)


Early in the process, I knew that it would be a very consuming process to write all the decoding letters and numbers myself.
In order to combat that I wrote expressions for each section. It was quite an easy feat since I knew what the end goal was and what rules were present to create the text or number string.
All the expressions had a selection of characters they could include and a random seed to control the randomness. The seeds were coupled up to some sliders so I could easily give the columns a new seed and they would all update.


Above is one of the earliest sketches of the logic behind the main FUI piece. Each layer from the left to the right is an expanded version of the former. Which means the upper layer in the hierarchy is the left column, from there its the middle and in the end its the one on the right. All the columns do their calculations and show that progress in the "Analog" progress bar and the loading bar at the bottom.


Mandatory timelines : )

↴ Created using

Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator and a tiny bit code



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