How my Grandfather came to Denmark

A 2.5-week school assignment to design and animate a 60-90 seconds video about migration.
Here I chose to tell the story of my Grandfather, who left Pakistan in order to achieve a more stable and Well-being life.

First time doing character animation and getting familiar with DUIK. Character animation is probably not my cup of tea, but it was still fun and insightful.
Also, first time trying out the 12fps look, which seems to be growing on me.

Had a week to animate after all the preparatory work. A long week with long nights. Lots of quirkiness and things which could've been done better. But I'm overall satisfied with the result.

Mood and style board, I knew from the get-go that the "12fps look" would be perfect for the direction I wanted to go

Creative Brief in order to get a draft for underlying thoughts


Tests and realizations when it comes to rigging and character animation


↴ Created using

Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator and my Grandfathers incredible story



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