T3C or The Editing Community is a place where people with the same interest in editing video games come to gather. Here is the "official" description:

T3C is the largest editing community in the world with one mutual goal to help improve your creative skills. Founded by Enigma in 2010 T3C has grown into a place where we can share the best edits, connect and work with each other and find joy over all visual design whether that be video game editng, 3D work or filmmaking. With over 140k subscribers spread across 4 different Youtube channels under the T3C name you are bound to find something that inspires you.

I got introduced to the community back in 2012 where I was at the peak of my life, playing Call of Duty and staying up late, regardless of my mom telling me to go to bed.
I was a spectator and avid viewer for years until I got more into motion graphics 3-4 years ago and applied that knowledge for video game editing.
In the end I got more and more recognition and am now part of a community and have an assortment of friends, I never would've had if it weren’t for T3C.
Over the last few years I've had the opportunity to contribute to the community with intros and videos for events and even had the chance to manage one of the channels.

Here is a collection of some of the work I have done for T3C.

T3C Anime

T3C Anime is one of the subsidiary channels of T3C. As the name suggests this is specifically meant for the Anime community which likes to edit... You guessed it, Anime.
I was fortunate enough to set the Identity and create the Intro for the channel, even before it was created as a fun side thing. Some time later I took over the management of the channel and curated videos, made events etc.

An announcement video made for the collaboration between T3C and WAC (Weekly Anime Contest).
Anime footage used were elements were composited in.

T3C Battle Royale

A year ago, T3C hosted an Editing Battle Royale. 160 editors all battling each other week after week for the grand prize.
I made the Intro which got used in all the videos and the results breakers.

T3C 100K

As T3C was close to reaching the goal of 100.000 subscriptions a big celebratory contest was planned. Here I was asked to create an announcement video and results video. Probably the biggest project for T3C.

T3C Duals

T3C Duals is another event hosted to bring the community together for a common goal and to have fun. People in teams of two had to compete against each other, much like how the Battle Royale went.



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